Digital Meridian Imaging

Have you ever heard of digital meridian imaging before?

Ancient Chinese medicine is actually one of the best alternative medicines that can totally cure you from whatever you have. In some case, alternative Chinese medicine surpasses even the "normal" medicine 98% of the doctors are formed to.

In this article, we will share with you what exactly is digital meridian imaging and what could be the benefits to you.

So, what is exactly digital meridian imaging?

This method was developed by Y.Nakatani in Japan and its original name is Ryodoraku currently having many synonyms. But whatever name it may have or we speak about, the general idea is in measuring electro-conductivity of acupuncture points.

Digital meridian imaging utilizes modern technology combined with ancient wisdom. It allows the practitioner to gather energetic information thus, leading to a deeper understanding of what acupuncture meridians are excessive, deficient or balanced.

A graphical display clearly shows the initial findings, later follow up and comparison findings can be used to compare progress.

It is a fun, easy and an enjoyable experience. All ages can be assessed. Energetic sensitivity screenings can also reveal potential allergies by assessing foods, chemicals, environmental, and others

After a five minutes long individual screening, your doctor will analyze the results and make you an exclusive report for you.

It is more likely that your doctor is experienced in different medicines: the "regular" one as well as the alternative one, such as using digital meridian imaging.

So, go ahead and ask him every question in your mind, about the device, how it works and what is the difference of efficiency with other types of diagnostics.

What are the benefits of digital meridian imaging and related device Biopulse TC?

Well, there are numerous ways that you can benefit from the device. The following are a few of them, but if what you are looking for is not below, I would highly suggest you still ask your alternative medicine doctor: you never know.

Here are the usual diseases and pains tested with the digital meridian imaging method:

  • - Back, neck or any vertical pain. The device will spot the imbalanced meridians and organs, and that way, the efficiency of other alternative medicines will be enhanced.
  • -Infertility: the device is perfect for curing this "disease". It just has to find the weakened meridians or organ systems that restricts you from being pregnant or carrying the fetus until he has fully developed "himself".
  • -Immunity system disorder: if your corpse's natural defense has been weakened lately for any reason (it's mostly because of stress or a disease which is hard to cure from), then you should consider to take advantage of digital meridian imaging.
  • - Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder: this type of mental disorder is cured more easily by acting than talking (with your psychologist). We mean, this type of mental disease is mainly due to a disorder of your meridians, which is the consequence of external factors (such as a trauma).
  • - Arthritis, joint pain: these diseases come up usually when a person reached a certain age. It is hard to get rid of it in some cases. However, the device can find the meridians (which are complex ones) to help you feel better.
  • - Other testable diseases: chronic fatigue, allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, etc.

Like we said, please ask your doctor if he can do something for you, even if you didn't see your health problem mentioned above