Frequency therapy

What do we mean saying "to live" or " alive"?

It is interesting that every living being exists because magnetic fluctuations occur in it. A human being (and all other life forms) has an electromagnetic nature and definite oscillation frequency (spectrum) in its essence. Moreover, each organ has its own spectrum. This spectrum changes and fluctuations become disharmonious (pathological) when man is sick. Both internal and external electromagnetic fluctuations may remove pathological fluctuations. For example, viruses, bacteria, fungi change the physiological (harmonious) electromagnetic fluctuation of human beings. Each type of these microorganisms has its own diapason of frequency. Destruction of these organisms is possible with the help of internal and external frequency, which is called energoinformational therapy. This healing method affects specific types of microorganisms and destroys them without taking special medicines. This method is known in medicine because the correct frequency destroys pathologic frequency and strengthens your physiological frequency. Frequencies of healing signal match biological rhythm which makes different organs to function normally. It is important to note that this healing method cures serious and chronic diseases. However, if your disease is genetic, a cure may be quite difficult but in any case this method will relieve your pain. It is interesting to note that man's organism is able to record influence of different internal frequencies and to stimulate them on its own. Everybody can cure by using PC. The only condition is the correct choice of frequencies, place, and healing schedule.

Software for Frequency Treatment