Sujok diagnostics

We are the only manufacturers and developers in the world providing device and software for Su Jok diagnostics in computerized manner.

Su Jok software can be helpful for Su Jok acupuncturists and students as well as practitioners of various specialties and people interested in a drug free and efficient medical aid.

Carefully developed and based on 16 years of clinical experience Su Jok diagnostics device and software are intended for more thorough understanding and mastering of the Su Jok diagnostics and therapy techniques.

The software helps evaluate energy status of the meridians and finding the most efficient way to correct the energy balance in a patient's body by distinquishing within multiple complaints and symptoms.

Su Jok diagnostics software facilitates multi-level energy diagnosing: assesses whether meridians are excessive or deficient, tests the substructures, gets optimal Su Jok acupuncture recommendations based on measurement results.

The device and software Su Jok Pro will ensure fast, accurate analysis of the meridians stat and organs connected with them.