Open Point

The biorhythmic acupuncture is an independent method of treatment. this method used do not take into account a status of disease.

The treatment will be carried out only through one needle is necessary enter the important condition in correct way presence of an open point, in which needle in the activity of a meridian, the certain point opens.
in the same activity of a meridian the certain point opens moment of time is the main source of an exchange of energy in a body.
At production needle in an open point the superfluous energy leaves(abandons) a body, and insufficient enters, that results in balance organism as a whole.

The needle is entered in the point for 20-30 of minutes perpendicularly.

The Mjeng method- to heal applying this method you need two needles.

This method differs from the "Open-point method" by choosing influence. If you have a sharp ache, high temperature (or any other disorders), you can heal your dysfunction. In order to influence on it, you need to diagnose your disease (for example, high temperature), find a meridian which is open during this time and a point is reckoned which is responsible for the temperature balance in your body and an extra energy is moved out from an organism through this point. Second needle should be inserted on brain or spinal cord (depends on which side of the body therapy is applied: Yin or Yang). Time of the therapy is 20-30 minutes.