EAV ( Dr. Voll )

The Voll method known also as EAV (ElectroAcupuncture according to Voll or as EDS, Electro-Dermal Screening) can be defined as a diagnostic method based on correlation between the changes of the electro conductivity characteristics of the measurement points and functional state of the corresponding inner organs and systems of body. The EAV method was developed in late 1940 – early 1950-s and provided acupuncture diagnostics and subsequent treatment. R.Voll proved that biological active points depending on an actual functional state of inner organs and systems are capable to change the skin resistivity to current. The essence of the method:

The electro-acupuncture diagnostics combines the foundations of Chinese acupuncture doctrine and the possibilities of modern electronics. Dr. Voll linked the concept of acupuncture with the knowledge about electro resistivity value of the skin, which can be measured with the special tool. EAV has taken from the acupuncture the concept of energetic paths, called meridians and also points located on these lines.

Dr. R.Voll managed to widen the idea of acupuncture meridians but also systematize the acupuncture points according to their anatomic-informational interconnection with the inner organs and systems, in other words, to “translate” their symbolic Chinese names into the terminology of medical language and mentality, which is comprehensible for modern physicians.

The EAV devices enable to define
1) pathologic processes (including concrete organ or its part);
2) character of the lesion (inflammatory, degenerative, sub-acute, etc. );
3) type of invaded tissue.
4) to conduct a preclinical diagnosis;
5) identify contagions and their toxins;
6) adjust diet Besides, medicament test allows to select necessary drugs and their optimal curative doses before taking them and control the efficiency of any remedy, and also to test food, cosmetics, ornaments and so on.

Indications of the method.

The EAV diagnostics is indicated for:
1) integral functional estimate of the organs and systems with the purpose of diagnostic examination prescription by direct diagnostic techniques if it is necessary.
) selection of homeopathy remedies, their potencies, doses, individual compatibility with each other, their selection correction and their estimate of efficiency.
3) to estimate the meridian systems, used in Chinese medicine, to determine the balance of meridians and composing acupuncture formula for treatment with reflexotherapy methods and estimate of efficiency.