Doctor - Client 1.0

Telemedicine software Doctor - Client 1.0

Software package consists from 2 programs: program for doctor and program for a client/patient .
Client program enables a user to perform 2 functions:
Ryodoraku screening of acupuncture points and conduct frequency therapy.

The diagnostic data is transmitted automatically or manually to the doctor (via the internet), where the doctor can review the data and recommend further treatment. It is possible to conduct screening according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Su Jok 5 elements, Su Jok 6 Ki (Korean acupuncture variety) and Akabane points where measurements are taken from 12 meridians on each side. Once the diagnosis is complete, the software will graph the data and you can send it to the doctor to review it.

It is very effective to correct disorders in the body by using frequency therapy, the doctor can prescribe a treatment through his profile and send it to the client via the Internet for use in the program, where the client only has to switch the device on and press the start button in the program. The patient program is available for both iOS and Android phones as well as for the PC version.

To be able to work with patients distantly, a doctor needs to buy at least one device which is given to the client and after treatment is completed, the same device can be given to another client as well.

The cost of one unit is 290 euros.
If you buy 2 or more units, the cost is 250 euros each.

The cost for data management though Internet (receiving measurement result graphs is 90 euros per year. If you do not need frequency therapy and your patient only needs to make a diagnosis and send the graph to your phone as a screenshot, you can do without our data service and in this case you will not have to pay for the data service via the internet. Currently, we are accepting pre-orders for devices.